Yachting Safety and Technology

Some vital aspects should be kept under consideration when looking at the safety and technology when purchasing a yacht. Life-vests are one such important item. Without life-vests, even the most experienced boats-man could sustain injuries in rough weather.

The boat should always be kept in top running condition. The deck and motors should be kept clean with bilge blowers, and the whole boat should be functioning properly. This also includes carrying extra fuel supply on board, in case the engine runs out of fuel. Owning a yacht is a big responsibility and proper care is necessary to ensure safety.

Listening to the weather forecast is important, especially when about to embark on a voyage. If the weather is predicted to be not good, even the most experience boatman could encounter severe problems and may be in the risk of losing his life.

The carrying capacity of the boat should not be exceeded in order to ensure safe marine navigation. When long boating trips are planned, and the boat is carrying more than the safe limit, there is a danger of capsizing, and the passengers on the boat may face unnecessary hardships.

Specified navigational equipment must be carried on-board such as GPS navigational equipment; this technology has improved safety for many boaters. This is essential not only to know if you are headed the right way, but also to let the coast guard locate you in case of danger.

Proper mooring is essential to avoid accidents. Unless the boat is docked properly with respect to the wind, it is likely to drift or turn, and be the cause of accidents to other boats docked nearby.

The person who is in charge of the boat, or who is steering the boat should be experienced and have a valid license. In addition, he should not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or be unclear about the route.

Maintaining safe distance between boats is important. Boats moving in the same direction and in parallel might come together and collide if they are sufficiently close to each other.

Before embarking on a voyage, it is essential to check if the boat is causing pollution. Boaters should educate themselves about the dangers of carbon monoxide and oil spills on the environment.